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Thin Air William Marshall

Thin Air

William Marshall

Published June 24th 1982
ISBN : 9780147797742
193 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I was introduced to William Marshalls Yellowthread Street novels ages ago by one of my wifes colleagues at the Poplar Creek Library in Streamwood, IL. (Thank you, Joyce!) Marshall has a gift for wild plots and a unique style that has always captivated me. Its been years since I read anything by him--his books are rather hard to find, for reasons I dont understand--so it was fun to reacquaint myself with his work. That said, from what I remember, I probably liked most of his other novels more than this one. Its a good read, just not quite as outlandish as many of his other novels. And lets face it, the outlandishness is a big part of the appeal.By the by, Ive noticed a few reviews stating that this is Marshalls version of The Philadelphia Experiment. Its not. The reviewers must have confused it with something else.